January 28, 2010

all things girl

I am in love with all things girl

like bows and headbands

I bought 2 more today...

day 28

*I have been so dead tired that I haven't been trying very hard to capture great shots. Although I have photographed things that have caught my attention for that day, I suppose that accounts for something in shooting a photo a day. My problem being that I wait until the baby falls asleep to try. Hence, I am too tired to be happy with a photo. You know what I mean? Any how, thanks to everyone who keeps stopping by to take a peek at my photos, it means alot. xoxox


Bacardi Mama said...

I love this shot. You could have used it for You Capture today.

Erin said...

You'll find your balance.

Elaine A. said...

LOVE these! Where are you finding such great ones - Etsy? I kinda got my show fix but now I need my baby girl head accessory fix! :D